Aerospace & Defense

Tamshell’s precision components for the aerospace and defense industries cover a wide range, from caps to clamps, guards to gears, and mounts to manifolds. Tamshell is a Gold Supplier for The Boeing Company, which found that CNC machining “can reduce costs, reduce lead times, improve quality, reduce tooling, and increase productivity.” Tamshell parts are also known for prolonged life expectancy, chemical resistance and versatility, as well as weight and noise reduction.

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Fluid Handling & Processing

CNC plastic components from Tamshell are replacing metal fabrication and even plastic injection molding in fluid handling applications. Uses for precision plastic parts have grown to include flow regulation, filtration and water quality products, heat exchangers, pumps, and high pressure wash systems. These parts are resistant to corrosion and rust, as well as heat and chemicals, and are self-lubricating, inexpensive, and can be transparent.

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Aeronautical Systems
Electrical Systems
Chemical Processing

Medical & Dental

As the plastics industry has grown, thousands of polymers and plastics with specialized purposes have replaced metals in the marketplace. Today, Tamshell plastic components can offer strength comparable to alloys, with complementary qualities like self lubrication, wear resistance, reduced weight and chemical resistance, which metals cannot offer. Medical supplies, including implants, seals, surgical tools and X-ray equipment,  are already using machined plastic components to take advantage of these benefits.

Power & Energy

Custom plastic parts are improving the power and energy sector for similar reasons as those mentioned above: lower costs and corrosion resistance, as well as weight and noise reduction, to name a few. CNC parts from Tamshell are also beneficial in circuit boards, connectors, shields and insulation because they are non-conductive.

Food Processing
Beverage Processing
Satellite Systems
Optical & Lens

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Hydraulic and pneumatic systems count on tight tolerances and precision parts to keep all of their elements running constantly and efficiently. Tamshell’s expertise and partnerships with these industries allow us to machine seals, bushings, flanges, seats, and any other close tolerance components to exact specifications with pristine finishes. Materials like Teflon, PEEK, Torlon, Vespel, and countless others are used in these applications, where chemical resistance and good wear properties are key.

Oil & Gas

Plastic parts for the Oil and Gas industry provide resistance to rot and corrosion, low moisture absorption, and reduced noise and vibration better than conventional parts made of rubber or metal materials. Utilizing high-performance plastic materials for oil and gas production, transport, and storage improves the safety of workers in the industry and increases productivity. Tamshell plastics are fabricated into critical components with great chemical resistance, including plugs, cable sheaves, and flow control nozzles, among many others.

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