Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What type of parts/components does Tamshell manufacture?

We produce an extremely wide range of custom precision machined components, directly to our customers’ specifications. With our 4th & 5th axis CNC Mills, CNC Swiss Screw, and CNC Turning machines, we manufacture close tolerance, precision parts with just about any plastic and soft metal materials. Learn more about what we machine here.

What type of Machinery does Tamshell use?

Our primary machinery are CNC Mills, Lathes, and Swiss machining centers. Our secondary machinery are conventional lathes and mills, auto-screw machines, and cutting/sawing equipment. Our primary machines are made by Mori Seiki, Haas, and Citizen Swiss. View our Full Line Card.

Which industries does Tamshell work with?

We work with dozens of different industries and companies. Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Electrical, Semiconductor, Chemical Processing, Food & Beverage, and many others. Plastic Parts are everywhere, and since ‘Plastic’ is our niche, we have worked with companies who produce tiny wheels for mini finger-skateboards, all the way to critical parts for military aircraft engines. Learn more.

What are Tamshell’s Quality Certifications?

  1. ISO 9001 with AS9100 Certified – View
  2. T.A.R. Registered (International Traffic in Arms) – View
  3. Our facility adheres to 5S Guidelines

Where can I see some Feedback from customers of Tamshell?

Visit our testimonials page!

Quoting & Production

When can I expect a Quote after Tamshell has received my request?

Our goal is to provide quotes within the same day in most cases, depending on the request. We work as fast as possible on each and every RFQ. The time it takes to finalize a quote can rest on many factors, such as, but not limited to: materials, estimating, programming time, size and scope of the job, secondary operations, and others. Have an RFQ you’d like us to look at? Click here to Submit a Quote.

What is your normal production-to-ship lead time?

Five (5) weeks is our standard lead time. All lead times are dependent upon material availability and other factors. In some cases, lead times may be improved to meet time-sensitive requirements.

Does Tamshell offer manufacturing, material, and other advice during the design phase of a project?

Yes. Our team offers a wealth of expertise-to-design in the “manufacturability” of components and assemblies. Our in-house plastic material experts will help you decide on the most optimal material(s) for your application based on all factors of its usage. Additionally, we can look at your 3D models and drawings and recommend any changes necessary before parts are in production.

Does Tamshell produce parts in large quantities or bulk production runs?

Yes, however, depending on the size, material, and complexity of the part(s), lead times can vary significantly. We offer services which can assist in delivery of large orders, such as: Blanket Deliveries, Kanban, timed shipments and more. Contact our Sales Dept. to discuss your large QTY needs.

Does Tamshell provide First Article Inspections (FAI)?

We provide First Article Inspections on all parts and jobs.

How does Tamshell finish, pack and ship parts?

We are a full-service manufacturer, and we take extra care after your parts roll off of the machines. We provide full post-inspection deburring services with available cryogenic deburring. We also bag each part individually, in-house, and pack for shipping using stringent processes to keep your parts safe from damage en-route. If we send your parts for any secondary operations, we only send them to trusted partners who we know take extra care of your parts before they get back to us.

After I’ve received my parts, whom at Tamshell do I speak with regarding any order or delivery issues?

We take pride in our friendly, capable Sales and Customer Service departments. If you have an issue or concern with your order, be sure to contact our Customer Service department at (951) 272-9395 Ext. 231.

Other General Questions

Does Tamshell Machine Metal Materials?

Yes. We work with all machinable grades of Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, and Stainless Steel.

Does Tamshell produce Prototype parts?

In most instances, we can produce prototype parts which require CNC machining. If the prototype is still being designed, we can also give advice about the design and assist with material selection based on the application. We do not offer ‘Rapid Prototyping’ or 3D Printed prototypes.

Can Tamshell hold close tolerances?

We’re capable of holding tolerances to +/- 0.0001” in most cases, with both of our CNC mills and lathes.

Does Tamshell sell or distribute stock material?

We are not a distributor or reseller of stock materials. We can however assist in material selection for machined parts to-be-produced at Tamshell. We work with several material distributors whom provide us with hundreds of grades of polymer, and soft metal materials. We always seek out the best pricing possible for our customers when seeking material.

Does Tamshell offer 3D Printing, Injection Molding, Rotomolding, or Polymer Extrusion?

We offer precision CNC Milling, Turning, and Swiss Screw Machining. Some components are better suited, and more cost-effective to be CNC machined, and others to be injection molded and/or 3D printed. When we review your Request for Quote, if we determine your part(s) might be better produced using methods other than CNC machining we’re glad to help by providing recommendations for you.

I need some general information about CNC machining materials. Can Tamshell help?

We are glad to assist in any way possible with your machining needs. If you’re looking for general information, and are considering Tamshell as your parts producer, we’ll guide you every step of the way. If you’d like some additional general information about CNC machining you’d like to do on your own, you can visit this website for additional information.

Does Tamshell offer tours of their facility?

We would be honored to show you around our 20,000 Sq Ft facility. To setup a tour, please contact us.