Frequently Asked Questions

Machining Questions:

What type of components does Tamshell manufacture?

We produce an extremely wide range of custom precision machined components, machined to our customers’ specifications. With our 4th & 5th axis CNC Mills, CNC Swiss Screws, and CNC Turning machines, we are able to precision machine components with tight tolerances – with just about any machinable plastic or metal material. Explore the parts we have machined in the past.

What type of machinery does Tamshell use?

Our primary department consists of CNC Mills, Lathes, and Swiss Machines. Our secondary department is made up of conventional lathes and mills, auto-screw machines, and cutting/sawing instruments. Want to learn more about our machinery – click here!

Does Tamshell machine metal materials?

Yes, Tamshell machines components from various grades of aluminum, brass, and bronze material. We suggest you speak with one of our material experts to see if we machine the metal material you are looking to use, or we can always recommend a material with similar properties. Contact one of our material experts by calling (877) 826-7435 or by clicking here!

Can Tamshell hold tight tolerances?

We are capable of holding tolerances to +/- 0.0001″. Learn more about our machining capabilities! 

Does Tamshell offer manufacturing, material, and other advice during the design phase of a project?

Yes. Our team offers a wealth of expertise-to-design in the “manufacturability” of components and assemblies. Our in-house plastic material experts will help you decide on the most optimal material(s) for your application based on all factors of its usage. Additionally, we can look at your 3D models and drawings and recommend any changes necessary before parts are in production. Speak to our material experts by calling (877) 826-7435 or by clicking here!

Component Questions:

What is Tamshell's normal production-to-ship lead time?

Typically we ship out all parts within 6 to 8 weeks, but lead times may vary depending on material availability. If you still have questions about our lead times, please feel free to contact our sales department by calling (877) 826-7435 or by emailing

Does Tamshell produce parts in small quantities or large production runs?

We machine parts in small quantities and in large production runs. Contact our sales department to discuss your order size by calling (877) 826-7435 or by emailing

Does Tamshell provide First Article Inspections (FAI)?

We provide First Article Inspections on all parts for every job. This is part of “Tamshell’s Quality Control Guarantee”. Want to learn more about our quality control guarantee – click here!

How does Tamshell finish parts?

We offer full post-inspection deburring services, with available cryogenic deburring. See what quality equipment we have in our facility.

Does Tamshell machine Prototype parts?

Yes, we machine most prototype parts. Contact our machining department by clicking here – or by calling (877) 826-7435, to further discuss your machining needs. Also, if you are still designing your prototype, visit our engineering corner page for money and time saving tips.

General Questions:

After submitting my RFQ, how long will it take for me to receive my quote?

Typically we provide quotes within 24 hours, but quote time can vary depending on the requirement(s) submitted. If your request has taken longer than 24 hours it could be because of the material requested, programming time, quantity, or the scope of the job, just to name a few. If you are still waiting for a quote – contact our sales departments by calling (877) 826-7435 or by emailing

Which industries does Tamshell work with?

We work with all industries, but mainly machine components for aerospace and defense, medical and life science, power and energy, oil and gas, pneumatic and hydraulics, fluid control, and semiconductor.  Tamshell has machined it all from tiny wheels for mini finger-skateboards to critical military aircraft engine components. If you don’t see your industry listed no problem- contact our sales team to see if we can further assist you!  Learn more about the industries we serve.

Does Tamshell have any certification?

Tamshell is AS9100 certified, including ISO 9001:2015, I.T.A.R. registered, and adheres to 5s guidelines. Click here to download our certifications.

What other types of value added services does Tamshell offer?

Tamshell offer a variety of services such as, prototype work, assembly, and much more. Contact our machining experts to learn more about the services Tamshell offers, by calling (877) 826-7435 or by emailing

Does Tamshell offer tours of their facility?

We would be honored to show you around our 20,000 Sq Ft facility. To set up a tour, please contact us.