Tamshell Parts and Industries

What We Do Here At Tamshell

  • Build-to-Print CNC Machining;  Milling, Turning, Swiss-Screw
  • Precision Machining of Engineered Materials to ± 0.0001″ tolerances
  • Contract Machining:  Blanket Orders, Kanban, LTA, and more
  • Prototype to Production Machining
  • Full Service Machining:  Machined Parts > Deburr > In-House Inspection > Pack & Ship and much more
  • Engineered Materials Experts;  Recommending Materials for Specific and Special Applications

Materials We Work With

  • All Machinable Plastics;  Basic, Consumer, Thermoplastics, Engineered and Performance Plastics
  • Specific Application Plastics:  Bearing & Wear, High-Pressure, Low Coefficient of Friction, High & Low Temperature Threshold, Chemical Resistant, among many many more options!
  • Common Plastics We Machine:  ABS, Delrin, Teflon/PTFE, Vespel, Rulon, Nylon, Ultem, G-10/FR4, UHMW, PEEK, PVC, Acrylic
  • Engineered Plastics:  Glass, Carbon, Molybdenum, Epoxy, Laminates and other Filled Materials
  • Soft Metallic Materials:  Aluminum 6061/T6 to 7075, Bronze, and Brass

Tamshell’s Value-Added Services

  • In-House Plastics Material Experts with decades of combined knowledge and experience on how to choose, replace, and/or apply to various industrial applications
  • In-House Tooling Department, calibrated for plastics and soft metals machining
  • Quick-Quotes for the majority of jobs and materials requested
  • State-of-the-art inspection equipment for ensuring the build-to-print parts we make, are built-exactly-to-print
  • Experience you can trust, from a Company whose been operating for more than 36 years
  • Strictly machining is what we do, so we’re not distracted with molding, stamping, or forming departments – all machining departments are unified and optimized for CNC machining production

Tamshell’s Certifications & Company Practices

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