A critically important part of our effective client relations is building connections and relationships with all of our clients past or present. Tamshell’s long-term business relationships over the last 39 years are simply because we care a great deal about your experience. We know at the end of the day, you will help establish, our reputation. Hence the question; what do you want from a supplier?

Please take a moment to answer the following questions:

What do you want from a supplier?

• Competitive pricing?
• Is it On Time Delivery?
• Is it Exceptional Quality?

If you answered yes!

We hope you answered yes to all three questions. Our company stands on quoting fairly, not just bidding low to get the purchase order, and that is true because the relationships between the buyers and manufacturing are about building trust on all facets. We want you to feel confident that your RFQ will get our best attention. Furthermore, when we give you a shipping time and date, we don’t like giving excuses, so we prepare and are mindful of the environment. We never over promise but rather stand on the fact we deliver on the day we confirmed to you. When it comes to the last question on quality, Tamshell has been in operation for 39 years and we serve customers throughout the United States with their most complex machining needs. We are 100% committed to providing value when it comes to machining solutions.

We wanted to keep you in the loop that we also machine the following materials:


With over 50+ state of the art CNC machines, we can manufacture the most complex shapes with tight tolerances.

Want your component machined from the best? Contact us right now to begin your order!