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Are you wondering, “Why isn’t ordering a machined part more like ordering a t-shirt online?”. One would think the experience ought to be similar; as the value is giving the customer consistency across the board at check-out. Well, our industry is much more complicated than an E-Commerce business, but we assure you that the order will get done.

We Can Handle Large Plastic Orders

We know the aerospace market has increased by 70% since 2016 and 2017 with much anticipation to sustain growth over the next several years. With that being said, the government is pouring funding into this sector and actively looking for machining companies that can handle the capacity to fulfill the work. As a Gold Supplier for conglomerates like Boeing, Honeywell, and ITT, we have proven ourselves as a trusted and dependable plastic and soft metal parts supplier for over three decades.

A consortium of industries have also sent a large percentage of their budget overseas for manufacturing, and quite possibly, even more, has been transitioned to the pacific-rim of the world. However, most machining is delegated to Machine shops in the United States that have certifications across the board and whom also strive to comply with regulatory compliance’s annually. In other words, it’s a must do for Tamshell.

We are gearing up to take in more work, as we invested $1,000,000 in capital for new machinery, like our:

(See the additional Mill) and Swiss machines to accommodate larger purchase orders, as well as reduce our lead times across the board. With our temperature controlled 20,000 -sq. foot facility thermal property changes will not affect your requirements.

Can You Depend on Tamshell

We want to earn your confidence that Tamshell can handle double the workload, as well as get it out our doors faster. When you call into Tamshell, it’s likely you will talk with someone you already established a rapport with and if not, it’s bound to be a business relationship that strengthens each other’s skill set over time. We like to cultivate relationships by staying visible to your group. Just let us know what orders we can help you with.

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