Customer Feedback & Testimonials

“I like working with my friendly sales account manager. She is very knowledgeable and quick to respond to my questions. My customer service representative is actively engaged with me and works to solve any issues.”

– Global Buyer, Honeywell

“We always look for a partner that can scale with us, and Tamshell has so far met our requirements.”

– Senior Engineer, Google Inc.

“Tamshell has proven to be a great customer focused supplier. Quick turnaround on RFQ’s and easy to work with.”

– Senior Buyer, Aerospace Co.

“I have been using Tamshell for 7+ years now and have found them to be one of our best suppliers.  Their deliveries are always on time and the quality of their work is excellent.”

– Buyer, L-3 Communications

“Tamshell makes various components which we incorporate into our Aerospace Generator lines.  Their quality and attention to the price results in 99% OTD and zero quality hits.  They offer us very competitive LT’s and pricing.”

– Senior Buyer, Pacific Scientific Oregon

“We consider Tamshell a partner to ITT. Tamshell has always put in their best effort to support ITT’s requirements throughout the years. We enjoy working with Tamshell to improve our processes and quality, with the purpose of growing our business with our partners. Furthermore, Tamshell personnel always welcome our urgent requests and do their best to support our needs, whether it is quoting or expediting, and much more. Want to thank Tamshell for their dedication and commitment as our partners.”

– Senior Buyer, ITT Aerospace Systems