In the world of CNC machining, there are two types of machine shops,
precision or conventional.
Take a look at the differences between each of the machine shops below.

Conventional CNC Machine Shop
A traditional machine shop offers conventional machining services. Manufacturing common parts with open tolerances for non-critical applications, requiring basic conventional and CNC machinery.

Precision CNC Machine Shop
A precision state of the art machine shop offers precision machining services. Manufacturing complex parts with tight tolerances for highly critical applications, requiring state of the art 4 or 5 axis machinery.

You may be asking, what parts or projects would require a precision service instead of a conventional service?

There a few factors that come into play. We created a list of those qualifying factors below.

Quality isn’t as simple as using a micrometer or caliper to check precision tight tolerance components. A precision CNC machine shop like Tamshell utilizes some of the most advanced inspection equipment available on the market. Including a Mititoyo Automated Profilometers, Keyence Digital Imaging Systems, CMM’s and VMM’s.

One of the critical factors that define a precision service, that provides unprecedented quality machined components is a 3-Step Inspection Process incorporated on every project.

Stage 1
First article inspection

Stage 2
In-Process inspection

Stage 3
Final Inspection

To learn more about the quality control process click here

Critical parts can be complex and require tight tolerances down to +/- .0001 of an inch. Not only is this difficult to hold on standard dimensions, when incorporating this type of tolerance on GD&T requirements, but it also requires a precise level of experience. A precision machine shop like Tamshell will hold these tight tolerances with 100% consistency on high-performance plastics and soft metals.

During most machining processes, workpieces develop burrs and sharp edges on most materials. This affects the quality of the part and can create a potential source of error during the assembly process. This is why deburring is a key step in manufacturing critical parts.

Not every machine shop has the equipment or capabilities to become AS9100D Certified and ITAR registered. Industries such as Aerospace and Defense can only outsource their critical parts to a CNC machine shop with these quality certifications.

To understand just how precise a tight tolerance of .0001 is:

Ask yourself.. how precise is a tolerance of +/- .0001 of an inch? To give you an idea of how accurate that margin is, take a piece of hair and slice it into 3 pieces.. then take one of those and slice it into 10 more pieces and last but not least, take one of those and cut in half. This is not visible to the human eye, it takes special equipment, like a Digital Comparator to measure a tolerance down to +/- .0001 of an inch.

To learn more about a digital comparator click here

What are the most common industries that would require precision CNC machining service?

We created a list of industries that require a precision CNC machine shop like Tamshell.

Aerospace & Defense
Tamshell manufacturers quality precision components for the aerospace and defense industries out of Teflon, Delrin, Nylon, PEEK, Ultem, Torlon, Vespel, Aluminum, and Steel material. These components help engineers build equipment that flies effectively and safely.

Medical & Life Science
Tamshell’s understanding of the medical and life science industry’s strict requirements and critical features are what set us apart from the competition. Materials such as, Ketron® PEEK LSG, Tecason® MT, Radel® and Stainless Steel allow us to produce many of the components that are used in medical trays, sterilization caddies, and surgical tools.

Power & Energy
Plastic components are revolutionizing the power and energy sectors by providing a variety of materials, such as Teflon®, Phenolic, G10, Torlon®, PEEK, Ultem®, and Vespel® to manufacture their components. These materials help these components with noise reduction and offer better insulation properties compared to metal.

Fluid Control
When working with the fluid handling and processing industry Tamshell must meet a variety of regulatory standards. We have a large amount of experience meeting these standards and have produced numerous precision parts for them using materials like PEEK, PVDF, UHMW, Delrin, and Ertalyte, which are commonly found in flow regulation, filtration, and water quality products.

Oil & Gas
Our team fabricates critical components for the oil and gas industry and is careful in safeguarding their concepts throughout the manufacturing process. Little pieces like plugs, cable sheaves, and flow control nozzles add up to big things, that is why we use high-performance plastic materials, such as PEEK®, Torlon®, and Vespel® to manufacture these parts.

Hydraulics & Pneumatics
Hydraulic and pneumatic systems count on tight tolerances and precision parts to keep all of their elements running constantly and efficiently. Our expertise allows us to machine seals, bushings, flanges, seats, and any other close tolerance components to exact specifications with pristine finishes. Materials that we often work within this field are Teflon, PEEK, Vespel, Bronze Filled PFTE, Nylon, UHMW and others.

Although these industries are the most likely to require precision CNC machining, other industries such as Agriculture, Automotive, Education, Entertainment, and Hospitality will have critical parts for a precision machine shop like Tamshell.

Precision Machining Advantages

Although these industries are the most likely to require precision CNC machining, other industries such as Agriculture, Automotive, Education, Entertainment, and Hospitality will have critical parts for a precision machine shop like Tamshell.

Precision Machining Advantages
As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace. The demand for smaller precision parts, made from high-performance plastic materials increases. Keeping up to speed or ahead of the curve is vital for your business to meet the demands.

Here are 7 advantages to using a precision CNC machining company like Tamshell.

Low Error
By using a precision CNC shop, once the correct specifications are keyed in, the automated precision machining process takes over. The chances for error is extremely low as compared to traditional machining.

Less Material Waste
As the core concept of precision machining is subtraction, there is enormous potential for material waste from start to finish on a single product. Precision CNC machining helps reduce material costs due to waste from operator error.

Consistent Product Quality
Precision machining uses a multi-stage quality control process that leads to consistent output time after time. Consistently producing the highest quality product.

Improved Workflow
When looking at how to manage opportunity costs, it’s key that engineers time and skills are spent on actual product development and not circumstantial design changes. A company that offers precision machining services like Tamshell, will offer design for machinability feedback. As well as provide expert material recommendations that can save time and overall cost.

Reduced Turnaround Time
A precision company is experienced in this type of work and have the system in place to get the job done as efficiently as possible.

Faster Production Cycles
Being able to offer your product to market faster gives you an edge over facilities that are still using older methodologies. You’re also likely to be more flexible with changes due to industry regulations or customer requests.

Easier Prototype Testing
Precision machining allows for prototypes to have functional parts, as opposed to a more concept/design prototype. Functional prototypes instill more confidence from investor stakeholders than concept-only.

Ready to implement precision machining into your workflow?

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We can help you design and prototype precision parts, as well as run large-scale runs for turnkey products.

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