Plastic Material & Extreme Temperatures

Where Tamshell lives, it gets hot. Really hot actually, the Inland Empire located in Southern California can reach upwards of 105℉ in the summertime for days, even weeks, sometimes months. For most plastic materials, well, they’re not big fans of these extreme conditions. That’s why Tamshell has invested in a state-of-the-art, temperature controlled facility that regulates our entire building to a pleasant 75℉.

Tamshell’s Temperature Controlled Facility

We work with a broad range of brands, types, grades, and shapes of plastics – all which have various tolerances to the change in temperature that can warp, bend, or otherwise deem these materials unstable in a non-controlled environment. This is why it is critical we maintain this environment so we can make great parts, with materials in top-notch condition.

Cold Weather In California

On a side note, it also gets cold here (believe it or not) in the dead of winter – and just as with the heat, we adjust our world to keep it all safe and sound.

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