PEEK is a high-performance versatile thermoplastic that is a popular choice in aerospace, oil & gas and medical applications. In it’s natural state PEEK is lightweight, boasts high mechanical strength and chemical resistance. PEEK also has a low moisture absorption rate and is highly resistant to boiling water and superheated steam. These properties make PEEK a great material for harsh environments like high-pressure oil and gas valves.

Filled grades of PEEK can grant even more versatility to engineers. Medical grades are a popular alternative to titanium and stainless steel for implants because PEEK is radiolucent, meaning it wont interfere with x-ray imaging allowing doctors to better monitor the patient’s recovery progress. Glass filled PEEK gains strength and reduced thermal expansion, while carbon can be added to greatly boost PEEKs tensile strength, improve wear resistance, and reduce overall density. Carbon filled PEEK a popular material in aerospace applications where weight is a key factor.

PEEK Machining

Strong and lightweight, PEEK is a fantastic material choice for many industries.

PEEK’s machinability is one of the best among a variety of engineering thermoplastics. Because of PEEK’s excellent dimensional stability and low thermal expansion, we are able to machine it to very tight tolerances and create the complex parts that engineers in demanding fields need.

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