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Don’t Let a Machine Shop Do This to You

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If you are laughing as hard as I was after reading this, it is probably because you can relate to this comic in one way or another.

What is the Comic Saying?

This humorous graphical metaphor explains the communication pitfalls that can occur from when you receive your quote, to when your part is delivered.

It demonstrates how each department may interpret your requirements differently if they are unclear.

Causing you to receive parts with incorrect tolerances, wrong materials, missing features, or with other problems, such as burrs or blemishes.

Tamshell Corporation Plastic Materials Located in Corona California, Tamshell, Machine Shop, Plastic, De-burring, Burr, Part

It Isn’t Rocket Science!

Designing, and ordering plastic or metal parts may not seem as complex as rocket science, but if it is not done properly it can be (well kinda), and it will also cost you time, money and resources.

Don’t let that happen to you!

Seriously! It happens more often than you think.


Guarantee Product Success

In order to prevent this from happening to you, we recommend you choose Tamshell. Tamshell always guarantees you receive your parts exactly how you want them.We do this by examining every quote opportunity our current and prospective clients submit to us — to ensure that we reviewed all the information provided.

For instance, we consider the material specifications being called out, the tolerance required to manufacture the part, and the inspection needed to confirm that every feature is manufactured correctly. This process can take anywhere from one day to multiple business days depending on the complexity of the part.

We are aware some of our competitors offer instant quotes but remember a quick quote doesn’t always mean an accurate quote. Rest assured when you receive a quote from Tamshell, it has been quoted to print.

Tamshell, Machine Shop, Plastic, De-burring, Burr, Part
Tamshell, Machine Shop, Plastic, De-burring, Burr, Part
Tamshell, Machine Shop, Plastic, De-burring, Burr, Part

Submit an RFQ

To guarantee you receive parts that that meet your specification contact one of our experts by dialing 951-272-9395 or by submiting a RFQ by clicking Here.