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Plastics Spotlight – The ‘PEEK’ of Summer

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The dog days are over, the kids are returning to school, and the sunburns are almost all healed up…  One material, however, which can handle summer-like conditions year-round without breaking a sweat is – you guessed it:  PEEK. PEEK (Polyetheretherketone), is one of the most common and popular type of engineered thermoplastic for applications requiring excellent thermal, combustion, wear, and chemical properties and is the most requested high performance plastic we work with here at Tamshell.  It could easily be…

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A friendly reminder…

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We just want to send this friendly reminder... What we do... Build-to-Print CNC Machining;  Milling, Turning, Swiss-Screw Precision Machining of Engineered Materials to ± 0.0001" tolerances Contract Machining:  Blanket Orders, Kanban, LTA, and more Prototype to Production Machining Full Service Machining:  Machined Parts > Deburr > In-House Inspection > Pack & Ship and much more Engineered Materials Experts;  Recommending Materials for Specific and Special Applications Materials we work with... All Machinable Plastics;  Basic, Consumer, Thermoplastics, Engineered and Performance Plastics Specific Application...
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Plastics: Creatures of Comfort

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Where Tamshell lives, it gets hot. REAL hot… Inland Southern California can reach upwards of 105℉ in the summertime for days, even weeks. For most plastic materials, well, they’re not big fans of these extreme conditions. That’s why Tamshell has invested in a state-of-the-art, temperature controlled facility that regulates our entire building to a pleasant 75℉. We work with a broad range of brands, types, grades, and shapes of plastics – all which have various tolerances to the change in temperature that…

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The Journey – From Metal to Plastics

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We are often asked, by new and existing customers alike, to help seek out alternate materials for current components and applications. Typically, these requests involve a requirement to reduce weight without compromising performance, and 99.9% of the time involve the desire to use a plastic material, comparable to a metal or composite material currently being used. The switch to plastics gets easier and easier with time, as technology used to create polymers which bear characteristics of various metals become more robust and cost-effective….

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3D Printing: Can It Replace Machining?

By | Aerospace & Aircraft Parts, CNC Machining, Plastics & Polymers
3D Printing has become a hot topic around the world over the past couple of years, even though 3D Printing methodology has been in practice since the late 1980s. However, its popularity-by-name has grown so vastly lately - based on the swift advancement of technology, as well as its availability now on the consumer-level with miniature desktop 3D Printers, among others. “3D Printer” has become a household name… Although 3D Printing has some amazing features and potential, when it comes...
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It’s a Material World. We’re Just Living in it.

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The advancement of polymer materials has increased ten-fold in just the last 5-10 years alone, and the adoption of these materials for use in countless applications has also dramatically increased. From advanced-engineered polymers that can withstand extreme temperatures upwards of 900°F, to reinforced polymers suited for structural or bearing and wear applications... The best options are out there for your critical requirements. Selecting the best materials isn't a 1-2-3 process, it’s more of an A to Z process. From Acrylic...
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Benefits of Plastics over Metal for Precision Parts

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Metal fabrication has been in practice in one form or another for centuries; blacksmithing, for example, has always involved fabrication. Metal does have a number of benefits for many industries, including very high heat resistance, endurance, and versatility.  As technology advances, plastic fabrication is providing an alternative to metal. Is it a viable alternative? What advantages does plastic offer your company that metal does not? Over the past 50 years the plastics industry has grown; instead of the availability of…

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3 Ways to Reduce Cost Using Precision Plastic Components

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Plastic components can be the key to making an effective, efficient product. It is in widespread use by many industries, including medical, aeronautics, defense, petrochemical, and oil drilling industries because of the precision it offers. Another very important factor in using plastic is the cost. While it may be the crucial to a successful product, it can also be the key to staying within budget – and even saving money. Here are three ways that plastic can reduce the cost…

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