Blanket Weather

By | About Tamshell, Manufacturing
Fall and winter is upon us, and it's time to warm up to the idea of planning ahead... You have a few options, of course...  Fleece, flannel, polyester, a cotton blend...  Do you need a sizable blanket to share, or does it need to be the perfect size to keep just yourself warm and comfortable?  Perhaps you need multiple blankets or some extras stored away just in case... Well, we're not trying to sell blankets with the Tamshell Logo on...
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Our Newest Team Member ‘Rolls’ In

By | CNC Machining, Manufacturing
We're proud to welcome our newest member of the Tamshell Team..  Capable, versatile, and outstanding at multi-tasking - our latest addition weaved its way through our machine shop, planted its feet solidly on our foundation, bolted down and ready to roll... Introducing our newly hired DMG MORI NLX 2500 | 700 high-precision, live-tooling CNC lathe.One of the most sophisticated lathes ever made, the NLX 2500 runs upwards of 10,000 rpm on each rotary tool spindle, and allows for multiple tool changes...
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Plastics Spotlight – The ‘PEEK’ of Summer

By | Manufacturing, Plastics & Polymers, Precision Plastic Parts

The dog days are over, the kids are returning to school, and the sunburns are almost all healed up…  One material, however, which can handle summer-like conditions year-round without breaking a sweat is – you guessed it:  PEEK. PEEK (Polyetheretherketone), is one of the most common and popular type of engineered thermoplastic for applications requiring excellent thermal, combustion, wear, and chemical properties and is the most requested high performance plastic we work with here at Tamshell.  It could easily be…

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Upward, Onward, and Beyond

By | About Tamshell, Manufacturing, Quality
Here at Tamshell, we pride ourselves at providing exemplary service to our customers. 36-years in business has taught us that no matter what stage a job is in, it is our duty to communicate, collaborate, and get everything right with every step of the way. We are growing and prospering due to the continued success of the companies we serve, and their loyal trust in our precision machining expertise. This growth has recently prompted us to invest more time, capital,...
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Support MFG this Election Year

By | Manufacturing

The year is 2016, and the stakes couldn’t be any higher for Manufacturing Jobs and Manufacturing in the United States as a whole. This is why we urge you to get out and vote, and consider the impact you could have for bringing manufacturing jobs back, and continuing to secure the jobs we already have. The future of manufacturing does not rely solely on the national political races. Equally as important are what’s at stake for your State, County, and…

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