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Our Newest Team Member ‘Rolls’ In

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We're proud to welcome our newest member of the Tamshell Team..  Capable, versatile, and outstanding at multi-tasking - our latest addition weaved its way through our machine shop, planted its feet solidly on our foundation, bolted down and ready to roll... Introducing our newly hired DMG MORI NLX 2500 | 700 high-precision, live-tooling CNC lathe.One of the most sophisticated lathes ever made, the NLX 2500 runs upwards of 10,000 rpm on each rotary tool spindle, and allows for multiple tool changes...
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A friendly reminder…

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We just want to send this friendly reminder… What we do… Build-to-Print CNC Machining;  Milling, Turning, Swiss-Screw Precision Machining of Engineered Materials to ± 0.0001″ tolerances Contract Machining:  Blanket Orders, Kanban, LTA, and more Prototype to Production Machining Full Service Machining:  Machined Parts > Deburr > In-House Inspection > Pack & Ship and much more Engineered Materials Experts;  Recommending Materials for Specific and Special Applications Materials we work with… All Machinable Plastics;  Basic, Consumer, Thermoplastics, Engineered and Performance Plastics Specific Application…

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3D Printing: Can It Replace Machining?

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3D Printing has become a hot topic around the world over the past couple of years, even though 3D Printing methodology has been in practice since the late 1980s. However, its popularity-by-name has grown so vastly lately - based on the swift advancement of technology, as well as its availability now on the consumer-level with miniature desktop 3D Printers, among others. “3D Printer” has become a household name… Although 3D Printing has some amazing features and potential, when it comes...
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