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A friendly reminder…

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We just want to send this friendly reminder... What we do... Build-to-Print CNC Machining;  Milling, Turning, Swiss-Screw Precision Machining of Engineered Materials to ± 0.0001" tolerances Contract Machining:  Blanket Orders, Kanban, LTA, and more Prototype to Production Machining Full Service Machining:  Machined Parts > Deburr > In-House Inspection > Pack & Ship and much more Engineered Materials Experts;  Recommending Materials for Specific and Special Applications Materials we work with... All Machinable Plastics;  Basic, Consumer, Thermoplastics, Engineered and Performance Plastics Specific Application...
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The Journey – From Metal to Plastics

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We are often asked, by new and existing customers alike, to help seek out alternate materials for current components and applications. Typically, these requests involve a requirement to reduce weight without compromising performance, and 99.9% of the time involve the desire to use a plastic material, comparable to a metal or composite material currently being used. The switch to plastics gets easier and easier with time, as technology used to create polymers which bear characteristics of various metals become more robust and cost-effective….

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3D Printing: Can It Replace Machining?

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3D Printing has become a hot topic around the world over the past couple of years, even though 3D Printing methodology has been in practice since the late 1980s. However, its popularity-by-name has grown so vastly lately - based on the swift advancement of technology, as well as its availability now on the consumer-level with miniature desktop 3D Printers, among others. “3D Printer” has become a household name… Although 3D Printing has some amazing features and potential, when it comes...
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Precision Machining of Plastic Parts is Useful for Many Industries

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What is the difference between plastic injection molding and plastic machining? In some industries, precision is important but it is part of the overall equation: price, lead time, efficacy, and efficiency. This is true when manufacturers are making parts for toys and even electronic devices in massive quantities where volume is a large part of the equation. In some industries, however, it is crucial that components be as precise as possible. Fluid handling, military, medical, and aerospace applications need the…

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Plastic Machining Helps Reduce Weight and Improve Productivity

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Industries across the board, from aerospace to automobiles, need to produce high quality components on time and on budget. The integration of plastic into each facet of the design and engineering process can help reduce weight and improve the efficiency and efficacy of your projects. Plastic machining has a host of benefits over traditional metal machining or plastic molding. When you need plastic components that require precision fabrication that molding cannot provide, whether because of close tolerances, low quantities, or…

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Advanced-Engineered Plastics for Aerospace Helps Cut Project Costs

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Faster, lighter, safer, less expensive. That is the guiding force behind every aspect of the aerospace industry, particularly engineering plastics. Plastic composites offer an ideal solution for engineers because they are solid, durable, and strong, yet retain lightweight properties that can cut both project and operation costs for the industry. Over the past 50 years, plastics, including Teflon® and other high performance polymers, have been replacing parts traditionally molded and machined from metals and other materials. Aluminum has been the...
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