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Blanket Weather

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Fall and winter is upon us, and it's time to warm up to the idea of planning ahead... You have a few options, of course...  Fleece, flannel, polyester, a cotton blend...  Do you need a sizable blanket to share, or does it need to be the perfect size to keep just yourself warm and comfortable?  Perhaps you need multiple blankets or some extras stored away just in case... Well, we're not trying to sell blankets with the Tamshell Logo on...
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Upward, Onward, and Beyond

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Here at Tamshell, we pride ourselves at providing exemplary service to our customers. 36-years in business has taught us that no matter what stage a job is in, it is our duty to communicate, collaborate, and get everything right with every step of the way. We are growing and prospering due to the continued success of the companies we serve, and their loyal trust in our precision machining expertise. This growth has recently prompted us to invest more time, capital,...
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Leaning on Green

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We’re eliminating waste, trimming the fat, and shredding the consumption..  Tamshell has recently enacted a company-wide effort to reduce our use of paper products by upwards of 75% for our day-to-day operations both in our offices, and on the shop floor. Our robust MRP (Materials Requirements Planning) System, coupled with our managed IT infrastructure have allowed us to make the switch from paper to electronic records on many different fronts. We will continue this trend for the foreseeable future, both…

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We’d like you to meet…

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This past week, we brought in a new Quality Assurance Manager, and we're very excited to have him on board! Douglas Forsythe has come to Tamshell bringing with him over 30 years of experience in working with Aerospace and related industries in a managerial role.  His insight in to the ever-evolving world of compliance, certification, and all of the nuances in-between are a valuable addition to our Quality Department, as well as our entire team! Welcome to the Tamshell Team, Doug!
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