Choosing a machine shop who is unable to supply you burr-free parts the first time around will only cost you time and money in the long run. That is why we have a dedicated deburring department that is filled with skilled employees who specialize in a variety of techniques, to guarantee we deliver high-quality, burr-free parts the first time.

We do this by utilizing multiple deburring processes to ensure that every part that leaves our facility is burr-free and ready to go. Some of the most common processes we use are Manual, Cryogenic and Mechanical.

  • Manual – is completed by hand and is regularly used due to its customizability, however, it is also the most time consuming.
  • Cryogenic – uses liquid nitrogen or dry ice to blast away burrs that manual and mechanical deburring processes cannot reach.
  • Mechanical – can be done two ways: (1) the CNC machine can deburr the part while it is being manufactured or (2) the part can be deburred by grinding wheels or other abrasive media.
Burr-Free Plastic Part


When you obtain a precision machined part from Tamshell you will never have to worry about receiving a part that hasn’t gone through our facilities rigorous deburring process, this process ensures that all burrs and excess material have been removed from your part to meet your specification.  We are able to do this because we take the time up front during our estimating process to make sure that all your requirements on your design are met.

Have you ever received a machined component and noticed it had raised edges or small pieces of material still remaining? This excess material is known as a burr, and it occurs during most machining processes.


If you want the most cost-effective part that meets your company’s deburring requirements it is important to pay attention and understand what your design is calling out. Your design is the main communication between you and Tamshell. What you want to see in your part needs to be clearly communicated on your design. If your design says 20x magnification, but really you only need it to be visually pleasing to the naked eye, then you are paying for a more detailed deburring process that you don’t necessarily need.



We care about the quality of our parts and only believe in shipping out clean burr-free parts that exceed our customers’ expectations. If you have a design that you would like machined, let Tamshell machine it for you.

Contact one of our experts about our deburring process or precision machined parts by dialing 951-272-9395 or click HERE to request a quote.