Building working relationships with our customers.

John Hernandez and Art Pierce founded Tamshell Corporation in 1980, in a small warehouse in Norwalk, California.

Their goal was to manufacturer quality tight-tolerance parts, and build strong relationships, while striving for exceptional customer service. In those days, manufacturing parts on conventional Lathes and Mills wasn’t easy and took a steady hand and dedication to ensure quality.

John and Art still believe that customer service and quality parts are number one and continue to instill this in Tamshell’s culture.

At Tamshell we believe in treating our customers how we want to be treated: professionalism, patience, and trustworthy service.

Our mission is to set the standard in building working relationships with our customers. Beyond manufacturing, we dive deep into understanding every customer’s unique business. With this understanding, we provide expert recommendations on materials, engineering support, project planning and a 3 stage quality control process to ensure every project is a guaranteed success.

We strive to learn more about our customers every day and all of Team Tamshell is equally invested in the success of every customer project. Our CNC machining experts, inspection teams, quality control managers and the rest of team tamshell, all know who our clients are and what they do. Not only does Tamshell go above and beyond fulfilling a customer’s current needs, but we also continue to invest in the latest state of the art equipment, research and invest in engineering solutions to save cost and improve quality for the future as well. This results in long-lasting working relationships with our customers.

The partnerships Tamshell has built over the years have been because we realize our success comes directly from helping our clients be successful.

Below are a few examples of those partnerships and long-lasting working relationships.

Tamshell partnered with Honeywell in 1985. Celebrating over 35 years in business together.

Tamshell partnered with Boeing in 1990. Celebrating over 30 years in business together.

Tamshell partnered with Ingersoll Rand in 1985. Celebrating over 35 years in business together.

Tamshell partnered with Parker in 1995. Celebrating over 25 years in business together.

Tamshell partnered with Adams Rite Aerospace in 2000. Celebrating over 20 years in business together.

100+ Customers with 5 or more years of doing business.

200+ Customers Trust Tamshell on a yearly basis.

Talk to a Tamshell representative about any questions that you have regarding new and existing designs, materials and planning. Thank you in advance for allowing us the opportunity to earn your business and be the trusted source for your next project.

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