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Design-2-Part, Long Beach Recap

By | Trade Shows
Last week we took part in the Design-2-Part Manufacturing Trade Show at the Long Beach, CA Convention Center. Our booth displayed a plethora of custom made plastic and soft metal parts and components we’ve manufactured for dozens of different industries. Our Operations and Sales teams were on-site to answer questions and provide examples of our precision work to many who attended. We even had some of our existing customers come and see us at the show! We hope to announce...
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It’s a Material World. We’re Just Living in it.

By | Plastics & Polymers
The advancement of polymer materials has increased ten-fold in just the last 5-10 years alone, and the adoption of these materials for use in countless applications has also dramatically increased. From advanced-engineered polymers that can withstand extreme temperatures upwards of 900°F, to reinforced polymers suited for structural or bearing and wear applications... The best options are out there for your critical requirements. Selecting the best materials isn't a 1-2-3 process, it’s more of an A to Z process. From Acrylic...
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Quality Recertification Update

By | Quality
Tamshell is happy to announce that we've just completed our AS9100C and ISO 9001:2008 re-registration activities. Our renewed certification was issued to us on September 23rd, 2014, and can be viewed at https://www.tamshell.com/cert. Ensuring we remain certified validates our enduring commitment to quality manufacturing, and the safety of our people on the job. We've learned a thing or two in our nearly 35 years in business, and as our practices have evolved, we have discovered there is a synergy with...
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Precision Machining of Plastic Parts is Useful for Many Industries

By | Aerospace & Aircraft Parts, Chemical Processing Parts, Fluid Handling Parts, Food & Beverage Parts, Medical, Optical, Dental Parts, Precision Plastic Parts

What is the difference between plastic injection molding and plastic machining? In some industries, precision is important but it is part of the overall equation: price, lead time, efficacy, and efficiency. This is true when manufacturers are making parts for toys and even electronic devices in massive quantities where volume is a large part of the equation. In some industries, however, it is crucial that components be as precise as possible. Fluid handling, military, medical, and aerospace applications need the…

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Precision Design Plastics are Very Useful for Fluid Handling Applications

By | Fluid Handling Parts, Precision Plastic Parts

While metal fabrication can be very useful, plastic is supplanting metal in areas where the ultimate precision is needed. Compared to even plastic injection molding, machining allows intricacy, accuracy, and custom design more easily and cost effectively. An industry in which precision design plastics are especially useful is fluid handling. What applications are most common for machined plastic components? There are actually quite a few; the most common are: Constant flow regulators Evaporative cooling towers, coolers, and condensers Filtration and…

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Benefits of Plastics over Metal for Precision Parts

By | Plastics & Polymers, Precision Plastic Parts

Metal fabrication has been in practice in one form or another for centuries; blacksmithing, for example, has always involved fabrication. Metal does have a number of benefits for many industries, including very high heat resistance, endurance, and versatility.  As technology advances, plastic fabrication is providing an alternative to metal. Is it a viable alternative? What advantages does plastic offer your company that metal does not? Over the past 50 years the plastics industry has grown; instead of the availability of…

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Plastic Machining Helps Reduce Weight and Improve Productivity

By | Aerospace & Aircraft Parts, Medical, Optical, Dental Parts

Industries across the board, from aerospace to automobiles, need to produce high quality components on time and on budget. The integration of plastic into each facet of the design and engineering process can help reduce weight and improve the efficiency and efficacy of your projects. Plastic machining has a host of benefits over traditional metal machining or plastic molding. When you need plastic components that require precision fabrication that molding cannot provide, whether because of close tolerances, low quantities, or…

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Advanced-Engineered Plastics for Aerospace Helps Cut Project Costs

By | Aerospace & Aircraft Parts
Faster, lighter, safer, less expensive. That is the guiding force behind every aspect of the aerospace industry, particularly engineering plastics. Plastic composites offer an ideal solution for engineers because they are solid, durable, and strong, yet retain lightweight properties that can cut both project and operation costs for the industry. Over the past 50 years, plastics, including Teflon® and other high performance polymers, have been replacing parts traditionally molded and machined from metals and other materials. Aluminum has been the...
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3 Ways to Reduce Cost Using Precision Plastic Components

By | Plastics & Polymers, Precision Plastic Parts

Plastic components can be the key to making an effective, efficient product. It is in widespread use by many industries, including medical, aeronautics, defense, petrochemical, and oil drilling industries because of the precision it offers. Another very important factor in using plastic is the cost. While it may be the crucial to a successful product, it can also be the key to staying within budget – and even saving money. Here are three ways that plastic can reduce the cost…

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