As you are reviewing your cnc machined parts quote you are probably not taking into consideration that there are certain factors probably driving the cost. For instance, some materials are more expensive than others even if they have similar properties. However, material just plays one factor into the cost, whereas time plays multiple, such as, setup time, parts per hour and inspection.

Amber Part Plastic Materials

Have you ever placed an order for CNC machined parts and thought to yourself,

“Wow that’s an expensive little part?”


One of the best ways to reduce machining time is through your design. To help you reduce costs, we have created 6 simple time saving tips that wont effect your parts performance or efficiency, but will reduce how much you pay to machine your parts.


1.) Thin Walls: The Thinner the wall the more time it takes to machine. Thin walls are delicate and can break at any time during machining or after.


2.) Tight Tolerances: The Tighter the tolerance the more time it takes to machine. Anything under .005 requires more machine time as well as inspection time.


3.) Holes: Holes with blind intersections and multiple GD&T location features take time to machine and inspect. Make sure you use correct GD&T when designing your parts.


4.) Material Choice: Avoid choosing over engineered materials for your application. Use a material that will work based on the requirements.


5.) Finishes: The lower the finish the higher the costs. Also, it Is important to remember not all material is capable of achieving the finish you want.


6.) Quantity: The higher the volume the lower the costs. Small quantities require minimum buys on machine time, materials, and outside processing.


Here at Tamshell we machine plastic, aluminum, brass, bronze, and steel.

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