Plastics Spotlight – The ‘PEEK’ of Summer

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  • September 1, 2016

The dog days are over, the kids are returning to school, and the sunburns are almost all healed up…  One material, however, which can handle summer-like conditions year-round without breaking a sweat is – you guessed it:  PEEK.

Peek Screw PartsPEEK (Polyetheretherketone), is one of the most common and popular type of engineered thermoplastic for applications requiring excellent thermal, combustion, wear, and chemical properties and is the most requested high performance plastic we work with here at Tamshell.  It could easily be labeled the single, most diverse plastic material utilized across countless industries and applications – from Aerospace, to Space itself.

Natural or ‘unfilled’ PEEK can withstand temperatures up to 480° F, resist many harsh chemicals it comes in contact with, and absorbs minimal amounts of fluids.  Glass-Filled PEEK upholds all of the same properties that of Natural PEEK, with the added values of even better resistance to harsher chemical contact, with excellent structural properties.  Bearing-Grade PEEK retains great bearing and wear properties by way of strengthening additives, enhancing it’s all around utilization in high-pressure and load bearing situations.

Have a project or job in the works requiring a material as dependable and diverse as PEEK is?  Trust The Plastic Machining Experts who knows the ins and outs of this miracle material, and look toward Tamshell to send you parts that will live up to their ‘PEEK’ potential.